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The “not so simple” taxation of Bitcoin

Your student son has started using Bitcoin. Now he tells you he’s done quite nicely buying and selling. So to prove you’re older and wiser, is there some good advice you can give him about the tax consequences? For more information, visit this page, or contact us.

How to escape company tax on directors’ loans

As the director shareholder of your own company you might borrow from it to cover personal expenses. The trouble is owing money to your company can trigger a hefty tax bill. How can you avoid this without repaying what you owe? For more information, visit this page or contact us.

Employer scheme deadline delayed

Employers can continue to accept employees into their childcare schemes until October 2018 instead of 5 April. This can be part of a salary sacrifice arrangement which can save employers and employees tax and NI. For more information, please visit this page or contact us

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